SOUTHWEST RALEIGH.COM: “Creative Spotlight: Robby Johnston & Craig Kerins | The Raleigh Architecture Co.”

March 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

By Beth Elserloh Johnson 

L-R: Robby Johnston and Craig Kerins of The Raleigh Architecture Co.

L-R: Robby Johnston and Craig Kerins of The Raleigh Architecture Co.

Due to a robust design and architecture program at NC State as well as the rapid growth of our city, Raleigh is quickly becoming a hot spot for young architects and designers. As the city population expands, so do the opportunities for these creative industries to flourish alongside the changing “face” of Raleigh as rehabbed spaces and new building projects continue to pop up all around us. New to the scene is The Raleigh Architecture Co. (and The Raleigh Construction Co.).

Owners Robby Johnston and Craig Kerins studied together at UNCC College of Architecture and left with a dream to eventually start up their own firm. Their first project together was a house design in Concord, NC in 2010. With Robby’s experience in project design and management and Craig’s background in construction and fabrication, the two have jumped into the Raleigh design/build scene quickly and prolifically. Some of their completed projects to date are the new Sling Shot Coffee space at Oak City Cycling, a major kitchen/master bath remodel in Cary, an addition/renovation in Oakwood and more. READ MORE…


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